The above firm has been established at the beginning of 1990 as a private enterprise without any foreign capital interest.

Its activities are focused on engineering related to the area of mechanical industries, above all, computer-based analyses of metal structures by means of the Finite Element Method (FEM) and, additionally, special designs as required. For that purpose it is equipped with top software products NISA, applied to current basic analyses of extensive systems, and MARC, applied to various complicated analyses with complicated computation strategy.

I.S.H. Praha offers at present the following types of computer analyses:

  • static linear strength analysis;
  • static non-linear strength analysis;
  • dynamic strength analysis;
  • reviewing basic modal features (own shapes and frequencies);
  • identification of response to various excitations;
  • identification of both linear and non-linear stability reserve;
  • estimate of service life;
  • contacting analysis, with up to 99 bodies at the same time;
  • multi-criterion optimization;
  • temperature analysis (for both the steadied and non-steadied thermal fields);
  • creep analysis.

All the computed results are shown by means of quality graphic processors. The above analyses may be used in view of their high provability based on the computer support for a wide range of various research activities. The extent of analyses, i.e. the size of the system dealt with, is not restricted.

In addition, the firm is involved in consulting services referring to strenth-related issues of metal, and, above all, steel structures. The activities are aimed at all the areas of engineering industries and can considerably assist in substantial improvement of quality of the client production.

The firm took part, for instance, in reviewing strength features of certain exposed parts of Temelín Nuclear Power Plant, trams manufactured by CKD and SKODA (typically, the newly developed streetcar type Astra where our firm has been the monopoly supplier of computer-based analyses), various auxiliary equipments for road building and construction machines manufactured by Caterpillar, Stavební Stroje Zličín, CTS servis and Humpolecké Strojírny, different track machines for Czech Railways and other purchasers, large-volume concrete reservoirs, underground fuel tanks, mobile and stationary presses for wastes of different types, carrying parts for various farm machines and conveyers, etc.

The firm has utilized within its activities the latest technical and scientific developments, namely, those related to the theory of the Finite Element Method (FEM), and elasticity and strength. We adhere to the principles of high business ethics, including strict confidentiality.